Specialized Ministry Coaching

We understand that while there are principles that can be applied to a variety of ministry contexts, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Our coaches will listen to your concerns, learn the specifics of your ministry, offer practical ideas and solutions, provide encouragement and support, and will be available at any time to discuss issues as they arise.

Specialized Coaching Options

Our specialized ministry coaching is designed to meet you where you are, address your specific challenges, and provide tangible solutions that can be put into practice. The following coaching specializations allow us to give dedicated time and focus to specific areas of ministry.


– 6 or 12 Months

Coaching for pastors intentionally pursuing church revitalization.

This coaching option is designed to develop your intentional revitalization strategy and then walk with you as you implement it. We will discuss best practices, innovative ideas, and potential pitfalls. We will meet virtually every two weeks for either 6 or 12 months.

$600 or $1,200 (12 Slots Available)


– 6 Months

Coaching for pastors, elders, deacons, or trustees.

There can often be confusion about the biblical roles and responsibilities for various positions within a church’s leadership structure. We provide guidance on how to communicate a churches structure as well as how to implement specific roles & responsibilities through bi-weekly video calls.

$600 $400 (8 Slots Available)


– 3 Months

Coaching for churches who are looking at long-term leadership planning.

The best thing a church with a long-term pastor can do is proactively plan a leadership transition. We provide upfront guidance on what a succession plan should and should not include on bi-weekly video calls.

$300 $250 (8 Slots Available)


– 3 Months

Coaching and mediation for churches battling hostility and conflict.

Churches often face conflict. Having someone who is not emotionally invested in your church’s situation can be exactly what is needed to navigate through a period of conflict. These bi-weekly coaching/mediation sessions are led with grace, understanding, and patience.

$600 (5 Slots Available)


– 6 Months

Coaching for pastors and church leaders who are leading significant church transition.

Whether you are transitioning your style of music, leadership structure, or overall ministry approach, our bi-weekly video coaching can help provide ideas and wisdom to help you avoid pitfalls.

$600 (7 Slots Available)


– 3 Months

Coaching for leaders seeking to improve their online presence.

While we do not build your site, we can evaluate and provide feedback on ways to improve your church’s website, social media, and technology presence. Coaching will include monthly video calls as well as bi-weekly email communication.

$300  $200 (6 Slots Available)


– 6 Months

Coaching for pastors and church leaders who are looking to develop a 3-year, 5-year, or 10-year ministry plan.

This coaching option will take place on bi-weekly video calls and requires that churches select 2-3 specific areas of focus. Options include staffing, facilities, ministries, finances, missions, or adding multiple services.

$600 $400 (5 Slots Available)


– 3 Months

Coaching for pastors who want assistance in developing a community engagement strategy.

This coaching will help you develop a local and global outreach and community engagement strategy that seeks to move your members outside the walls of your church. We will have bi-weekly video calls.

$300 (5 Slots Available)


– 6 Months

Coaching for pastoral search teams or deacons who are in leading their church in searching for a new pastor.

We will have bi-weekly video calls that are focused on developing a church prayer guide, search criteria, a search process, application & questionnaire, & congregational communication strategy.

$600 $400 (7 Slots Available)


– 2 Months

Coaching for church leaders seeking to update church documents.

Church documents guide as well as protect a church. Whether you are looking to update your Constitution & Bylaws or are rewriting your missions, finance, or committee policies, we can help provide guidance. We ensure your documents are clear, comprehensive, and provide the guidance and protection your church needs.

We will have two video calls as well as weekly email communication.

$200 (4 Slots Available)

It’s time to trade in frustration and ineffectiveness for a healthy, thriving church.