Mindset Shifts Needed in Church Ministry

In every area of life, our mindset will affect our decision-making. This means that a wrong mindset can lead to wrong decisions. When it comes to general church ministry and revitalization, having the correct mindset is crucially important.

Here are several mindset shifts that are needed concerning church ministry.

Health Over Growth

It is tempting to pursue growth. However, seeking health is the better strategy. It is possible to grow numerically and not be healthy, but healthy organisms naturally grow. Health also affects all aspects of your ministry, not just your attendance. Healthy churches will reflect that health in their discipleship process, their systems and structures, and how they deal with conflict. Health is more than a metric that is measured; it is a reality that is enjoyed.

Trajectory Over Position

I wrote an entire article about the importance of trajectory but let me summarize it here. Looking at where you have come from as well as where you are heading, is far more important than where you are. Static numbers rarely present a clear picture of your reality. Analyzing static numbers can lead you into the comparison game. However, focusing on your trajectory will give you a clearer picture of actual progress.

Simple Over Complex

Complex ministry is exhausting. When we become intentional about what we do and how we do it, we can eliminate unnecessary components that free us up to better focus on the essentials. Churches that are stuck in complex ministry often operate with a consumer mindset. They aim to provide as many things people say they ‘like’ as possible. The problem is that there is usually no understanding of how those things help them pursue their mission. Simple ministry is a focused ministry.

Depth Over Attraction

While many attractional churches are growing numerically, the churches with the most significant kingdom impact are those that value depth over attraction. Only addressing felt needs instead of root issues might make people feel better and attract them to your church, but it does nothing to provide what their heart truly needs. Focusing on depth in preaching, teaching, discipleship, and equipping will provide what is necessary for true heart transformation.

Strategic Over Reactionary

I have written about the importance of a strategic plan in another article. The problem with reactionary ministry is that there is a lack of intentionality. Everything appears to be thrown together, organization is lacking, communication suffers, and eventually, people get frustrated. Strategic ministry follows a blueprint. There is a map guiding decision-making. There is an understanding of how everything fits together and works together.

Closing Thoughts

Shifting our mindsets is not an easy task. Usually, multiple influences contribute to why we think how we think. However, like in most everything else, correct thinking is counter-cultural. It contradicts how most people operate. Shifting our mindsets requires a clear understanding of our purpose, a clear understanding of our goals, and an intentional pursuit of biblical ministry.

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