Church Consulting

It has never been more challenging for churches in America than it is right now. With Christianity seemingly on decline, many churches are struggling Sometimes this struggle is because of external circumstances. Other times it is because of internal factors. Regardless of the cause, an outside perspective can help.

With the vast majority of churches averaging less than 200 in attendance, there are very few places for these church leaders to turn. Church Revision is positioned and equipped to offer the help and perspective that is needed.

We believe these churches can experience health and revitalization. We believe these churches can thrive. Church Revision was started with the goal of helping churches regain energy and excitement surrounding their church’s vision.

All Consulting Options Include the Following Components:

Detailed Demographic Report

Psychographic Report

Church Health Report

Website Audit

Member Surveys

Core Strengths

Attendance Analysis

Financial Health Report

All consultations culminate in a detailed consultation reports (usually 50-75 pages) that will include an overview of the findings, recommendations, and additional resources.

Church Consulting Options


Practical, On-Site, In-Person, & Comprehensive

In addition to the standard components listed above, the In-Person
Consultation will include:

  • On-site meetings
  • Worship Service Evaluation
  • On-site facility audit
  • In-Person Leadership Interviews
  • In-Person Members Interviews
  • 2 Additional Video Conferences

Cost Depends on Size of Church


Practical, Virtual, & Convenient

The Virtual Consultation Option includes everything on the primary list but also includes six additional Video Conference Calls and email and phone accessibility throughout the duration of the project.

Cost Depends on Size of Church


Add-On Options

  • Presentation of consultation findings to entire church with Q&A
  • Additional Teleconferences
  • Additional Member Surveys
  • Additional Secret Guest Surveys
  • Additional Community Surveys
  • Follow-up Facility Audit
  • Follow-up Website and Social Media Review

Cost Depends on Add-Ons Selected


The following items can be purchased individually or as an add-on
to a consulting package.

  • Pastoral Succession Plan Development
  • Staff Training and Development
  • Conflict Resolution Training
  • Creation of Discipleship Pathway
  • Development of Outreach Strategy
  • Development of a 5-Year Plan
  • Church Document Review and Recommendation
  • Pastoral Search Team Training
  • Facility Usage Strategic Plan
  • Multiple Service Planning

Cost Depends on Services Selected

It’s time to trade in frustration and ineffectiveness for a healthy, thriving church.