Our Leadership

Church Revision is led by Dr. Jeremy Wallace who has over 20 years of church leadership experience. Jeremy has planted a church, merged that church plant into an existing church, revitalized churches, and pastored established churches ranging in size from 100 to over 750. Jeremy earned a doctorate degree in pastoral leadership and has completed training to become a certified church consultant.

Jeremy is passionate about church revitalization. In every church he has led, he has worked to partner with struggling churches to help them experience church health. This partnership has ranged from financial help, informal and formal consulting and coaching, working together in outreach events, and even sending families to help work in the partner church.

Jeremy can help you lead your church to experience church health and revitalization.

Church Revision aims to help churches trade frustration and ineffectiveness for a healthy thriving church.

We seek to accomplish this by providing helpful insights from those who are in the trenches of church revitalization efforts on our weekly podcast and blog.

At our core, we are a church consulting ministry that is focused on partnering with small-to-medium size churches. We want to make church consulting available and affordable to all churches, regardless of size or budget.

The Need

It has never been more challenging for churches in America than it is right now. With Christianity seemingly on decline, churches are struggling – with many of them closing each month. Sometimes this struggle is because of external circumstances. Other times it is because of internal factors. Regardless of the cause, outside perspective can help.

Many pastors are leaving their churches or are considering a change in vocation due to the challenges they are facing. Many are tired, frustrated, and hopeless. With the vast majority of churches averaging less than 200 in attendance, there are very few places for these church leaders to turn. Church Revision is positioned and equipped to offer the help and perspective that is needed.

Our Approach

We believe these churches can experience health. We believe these churches can thrive. Church Revision was started with the goal of helping these churches regain energy and excitement surrounding their church’s vision.

This will be accomplished by:

  1. Offering a fresh perspective and valuable insights through comprehensive consulting,
  2. Providing ongoing monthly coaching,
  3. Continually providing helpful information through the Church Revision podcast and blog, and
  4. The creation of resources designed to help those pursuing church revitalization.

It’s time to trade in frustration and ineffectiveness for a healthy, thriving church.