4 Reasons Churches Should Consider Hiring a Church Consultant

Church leaders often hesitate to bring an outside consultant into their church to offer advice and help. Some leaders think that since the consultant doesn’t know their church, he will be unable to offer anything helpful. Other leaders believe they have everything under control, and it is just a matter of time until they figure it out.

In my experience, churches that hire a church consultant rarely regret it. Here are four reasons why.

A Church Consultant Can Offer a Fresh Perspective.

It is easy to get into a rut. It is easy to get to the place where you can only look at your ministry through the lens of your current situation. When this happens, reality becomes a bit distorted. It can be challenging to wade through the messiness of ministry with clear direction. This is where a church consultant can be a huge help.

A church consultant can provide a fresh perspective. He can see the 30,000-foot view of your ministry and provide a road map to help you reach your goals. The fresh perspective alone can be a significant benefit to your ministry.

A Church Consultant Can Provide Creative Ideas.

Church consultants have worked with many different churches, which means that they have seen a lot of creative ministry ideas. Not every idea will translate to every church, but the creative ideas that the consultant has seen may spark new ministry ideas and approaches in your church.

A Church Consultant is Unbiased.

The fact that a church consultant is unbiased has many benefits. He doesn’t know the personalities. He doesn’t have a history with the power brokers. He doesn’t know who is new and who has been at the church for 30 years. He isn’t emotionally invested in any dispute or church disagreement.

hese realities allow him to speak into every situation and every issue with an unbiased voice. He can lead in conflict resolution and restoration. He can give honest input and advice. He can make recommendations that are rooted in fact, not in emotion. He can point out strengths and weaknesses honestly.

The fact that the church consultant is unbiased is the key to his positive impact on the church.

A Church Consultant Can Provide Ongoing Support and Coaching.

Some church leaders assume that once they get their 50-75 page report containing demographic data, psychographic data, community profile, church profile, and recommendations, the consultant is never heard from again. In some cases, he is no longer needed, but what about those situations that require ongoing input and support? Most consultants will offer ongoing coaching.

This can be tailored to the needs of your church. It may just be additional calls with the church’s pastor. It may be leadership development, building an outreach strategy, or ongoing conflict resolution. Whatever the need, most consultants are equipped to provide ongoing help and support.

Hiring a church consultant may not be anything you have ever considered, but it can be a benefit that propels your ministry forward.

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