4 Reasons Churches Should Conduct a Facility Audit

I often say that churches cannot cause church growth, but they can remove many unnecessary obstacles to it. What I mean is that we can make people visit our churches, but we can remove things that cause their visit to be less than ideal. The best opportunities to accomplish this often are our church facilities.

A church facility audit, like the one found for free at ChurchRevision.com, can help identify areas for improvement. Here are four reasons you should conduct a church facility audit.

Our Facilities are Our First Impression for Guests

The first thing guests see when they come on your property is not your people; it’s your facilities. A broken sign, a dirty parking lot, or a dark and dated entryway can set a negative tone. Researchers say that a guest visiting your church will decide whether they will return in the first few minutes of their visit. A facility audit will help identify those things that affect a guest’s first impression.

Everyone Gets Used to Their Own Dirt

I get it; you love your church. Honestly, the stain on the carpet is not that big of a deal. The water spot on the ceiling tile doesn’t really affect anything. The toilet that continually runs still works. That light that has been out for months doesn’t make that much of a difference. Before long, you don’t even notice the very things that a guest will see immediately. A church facility audit will help bring those items to the forefront.

It Will Identify Low-Hanging Fruit

Some of the easiest things a church can do to improve its first impression are connected to facilities. Changing the light bulb, switching out a ceiling tile, and cleaning the carpet are not big jobs, but they make a difference. Sure, you may not be able to correct everything immediately, but doing what you can will go a long way.

It Can Be a Rallying Point for Existing Members

One potential challenge facing a church revitalization effort is members clinging to the idea that it is their church. While you are working to change that mentality, use it to your advantage. Who doesn’t want their church looking its best? Church workdays may sound a bit dated, but it is one of the best ways to fellowship, build comradery, and work together. Plus, it helps you get to know your people – all while improving the facilities and your church’s first impression.

Closing Thought

For this to be effective, you need a guide. A church facility audit is that guide. It will cause you to walk step-by-step through various aspects of your church’s facilities and take an honest look at what you can do to make a better first impression on first-time guests.

I have a free 20-question audit that you can download on our home page. There is also a more in-depth 100-question facility audit available on our resources page.

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