Church Consulting  &  Leadership Coaching

You can have a healthy, thriving church.

We can help you regain energy and excitement surrounding your church’s vision.

Recapture Your Vision

Unify Your Church

Fulfill Your Mission

Your church should be excited to fulfill its mission.

God gave you a vision to build around. However, as time passes, it’s easy for a church to lose the enthusiasm around that vision, which can lead to ineffectiveness, frustration, and a lack of energy within your congregation.

If you’re like many pastors in that situation, you’re so close to your church and its day-to-day needs, that its hard to fully see what is standing in your of re-gaining the fire your church once had.

That’s where we come in.

Your church’s health starts with learning where you are today.

1. Schedule a Call

We’ll talk through your specific situation and get to know your church’s culture and its strengths and weaknesses.

2. Create A Church Revision Plan

We create a custom Church Revision Plan to get your church back on track and excited about the vision God’s given you.

3. Move Your Church Forward

With the plan in place, your church has everything it needs to be healthy and fulfill its mission.

Your church has unique needs.

When you work with Church Revision, here’s what you get:

We don’t chase trends. We deal with the root issues first.

We learn your vision for your church and help you pursue it.

We implement systems catered to your church culture.

We are here to support you, even once we’re finished.


It’s impossible to get to where you’re going without first knowing where you are today. Through the Church Revision consultation process, we’ll look at key details of your church including demographics, psychographics, member surveys, core strengths and challenges, and your facilities.

Training & Development

Moving forward will take new skills and practices than what you and your team may currently possess. We can help train you in all the things your church needs to take your next steps and continue fulfilling the mission God has given you.

Strategic Planning

Whether it’s creating a discipleship pathway, developing an outreach strategy, or planning out the next five years, we can lead you through the strategies and plans you need to execute your church’s vision.

It’s time to trade in frustration and ineffectiveness for a healthy, thriving church.